untitled on Flickr.Giraffe(s)
Words to live by

A New Map of North American. Ink on found fence boards.  29.5” x 34”
Monocle and Tusker untitled on Flickr.
An early  birthday lunch at the Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens 
untitled on Flickr.

San Francisco - California - USA (von Luca Pisanu)
untitled on Flickr.playing with a Rebel
untitled on Flickr.Just a standard morning in Kenya…
#tbt to #London
  on Flickr.Sunset from my office in Nairobi, Kenya
  on Flickr.SFO > NBO
on Flickr.
Cuppa and the paper
  on Flickr.My new desk
untitled on Flickr.Myriah and a cuppa
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